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Mother and Daughter glamour photoshoot | Dumfries VA photographer


As a family photographer, one of the things  I love the most is to photograph the connection between mother and daughter. I believe that this unique relationship gets deeper  and better with the years, when we are teenagers many times we  just don’t  get moms advise and we are just rebellious to our own idea of how the world works but when we become moms and we found ourselves using the same words with our children is then when we realize that we were paying attention to every  single word or advise from them.

Meet Koryn, mom of 3 boys and one girl , all of them with families on their own. She is celebrating  Mothers Day one more year cancer free and is the blessing to many people that have met her including me. Kelli is her only daughter, they both came to the studio for a glamour session with me. We have a make up and dress up party and they looked absolutely gorgeous.

I am sure Kelli will treasure these photographs forever and pass them to her generations to come. I am glad Koryn, being a photographer, made the choice to be present in the pictures too and enjoy this session with her daughter.

I really enjoyed this session for what it represents, a mother’s dedication to raise  a beautiful girl, who soon will become a mom on her own and the celebration of  true  love and friendship.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, no matter the age, YOU deserve to be celebrated no only this day but every day of the year for your immeasurable love and care you give to you children. 🙂

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