When you are working with me you are not just getting a photo shoot, but a transformative, luxury, empowering, pampering experience.

I call it a MAKEOVER PHOTOSHOOT, like when you go to a salon or a spa but with a full session of photos right after you have been pampered and feeling like a celebrity in a magazine

Why working with me is so different:

  1. Communication and care above all so we can serve you with the best photoshoot experience from  the initial consultation to the delivery of your images.
  2. Pre Consultation so we can set up 30 min to talk over the phone or Skype – however you fill more comfortable- and ask me all the questions You have. I want to get to know you and your goals for your session.
  3. Custom Designed Experience so that you get images  that reflect you and your family personalities, your desires combined with my artistic vision.
  4. Professional make up and hair, you will feel like a celebrity or ready to go out with your loved ones for a special occasion.
  5. Posing and direction during your shoot, be 100% stress free. I will pose you in the most flattering way, although you might feel like you were just in a mini yoga class after that, but its so worthy.
  6.  Professional retouching to give that magazine look on your images without taking the natural beauty you already have.
  7. In person Images viewing so we can help you make the choosing  of your final prints quick, stress-free, enjoyable process complete with expert guidance.
  8. Heirloom Art so that your images get seen, held, enjoyed and passed down through generations. (sorry but your granddaughter isn’t going to cherish a thumb drive).
  9. A Lasting Experience so that even years later, when you look at your prints, you will be instantly transported to the day of the photoshoot, the day you felt so beautiful, the day you and your family enjoyed being photographed together.
  10. Growing with your family. Our wall portraits  and albums are designed to be able to move throughout your home as time passes. Because We are sure You loved the experience the first time, We will be there for you as your family photographic needs change with  time.
  11. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so that you can be confident you will get images you love and you and your family will treasure forever

Are you ready to be pampered and have the best photographs you have seen of yourself and/or your family together?


beatiful latina pregnant mom in black lace dress
photo of mother and daughter very glamorous
low key headshot of mom in dress red
holiday Christmas picture of family hugging in studio