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What is your favorite Holiday Tradition? |Dumfries Family Photographer

What's your favorite Holiday tradition?

Holidays are around the corner and knowing yourself that immediately after Halloween is gone, you will start decorating your house with red, green and golden colors for Christmas. If you have kids, They will usually be  very happy helping you getting out the Christmas tree from the basement (or that might be your lovely husband) and jump onto the decoration task, my kids love to do that.

I grew up with some family traditions in a hot weather town, a 7 feet tall Xmas tree just for me to decorate (because I was only child),   a  xmas eve dinner at midnight,  fireworks after Xmas dinner ( I know it sounds wear but oh man that was fun!) and beach day for Xmas day eating turkey leftover sandwich in the sand.

When I came this country, I’ve found out that people starts getting  ready in fall with family pictures for Holiday cards and they start decorating before thanksgiving (why waiting that long right?), gifts are to be opened on Xmas morning and ham instead of turkey for Christmas dinner.

Well,  no matter how hard I tried to make my family  stay awake for Xmas dinner until midnight, it didn’t work so well and plus the idea of fireworks at night will get me arrested I thought it was a better idea to combine my childhood traditions with what people love more to do here.

This is a  list of ideas I consider, are easy and affordable to do and will definitely will create those memories with my children – and yours- of course:

  1. Create a calendar to countdown the days to Christmas to make it more fun. This can get the kids really excited about Christmas and explaining the real reason for celebrating it can be make it more meaningful. We have a nativity and we have baby Jesus wrapped in a tiny blanquet (a cut piece of white socks)) and it only gets unwrapped on Dec 25th by the first one who wakes up. You can see some ideas, here in my pinterest blog.
  1. Decorate the  house and the tree together. Children love to help decorating for Christmas, especially the tree. Make this time a special one, record a video with your phone and take pictures of them hanging up their favorite ornament.
  1. Create a handmade ornament every year. This can be so easy to make, use a favorite photo, write down their name in a tag,  you will be delighted to see these little creative pieces once they get older, In my case I will have 126 beautiful handmade ornaments from my 3 kids by the time they leave for college.
  1. Visit a tree farm if you are close to one. Bundle up and pack hot cocoa  and snacks to head to a local Christmas tree farm to search for the perfect tree.
  1. Bake cookies wit the kids. depending on the age, kids will have different roles on the preparation but how fun is to decorate the cookies when are baked. You can start by Thanksgivings and building the gingerbread house.
  1. Introduce the outreach tradition. I know this can be a little though to do with little children, but the youngest they are to understand that not everybody can celebrate the holidays the same way because of money, will help them to appreciate what they have. I am planing to take my children this year to help to serve food to some local institution that feed homeless for these holidays. Some local places you can hepp are:
  1. Give a gift to a stranger. This can be an awesome thing for the kids to do giving something small but  meaningful to that neighbor, the mailman, the trash workers, the lady at the school cafeteria,  their teacher , something like a coffee mug, a book, homemade cookies or a handmade card can really make a difference in the life of some people, It says” I appreciate you” and the kids get to choose to who.
  1. Start playing Carol songs at your home. This can be something that kids can reject at the beginning, but the more you do, they will start liking it and believe me, when they get older, they will remember those days. just spread the joy of Holiday with music during dinner time, cleaning time, car trips, etc. Create a playlist in your computer, apple tv, chromecast or any other device you can use.
  1. Share Holiday greetings cards. This is something I started last year, because to be honest. in my country we don’t do it, specially with personalized family pictures. It will be fun to see those greeting cards every year when kids were still wearing xmas jammies and your husband was fully cooperative to dress in a gingerbread cookie pajama.;-)
  1. Don’t forget the pictures and videos. these are too special times that fled. soon your kids won’t wake  up early morning on Christmas day to look for Santa gifts or they won’t bake cookies with you. Record these moments, either hiring a professional photographer or doing it yourself with your phone, and please remember to print them out. Once thing is to take thousand of pictures and another is to do something with them.

I hope you enjoy some of my ideas on creating Holiday traditions with your family.  I am all about creating memories with your children and having beautiful moments to remember together.  Thanks for reading my blog and Please leave your comments with your favorite Holiday tradition.

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