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ACTS 2017 volunteer dinner – Dumfries event photographer

Last week was National Volunteers Week, ACTS (Action in Community Through Service), the non profit organization who serves the residents of the Prince William Area, including the city of Manassas and Manassas Park. ACTS  is known in our community for their incredible help and support to victims of domestic violence, food pantry,  shelter and crisis helpline. ACTS celebrated their  volunteers with their annual Appreciation Dinner. This year will mark the biggest appreciation dinner they’ve ever had at ACTS, and like the organization itself, this annual event has evolved greatly over the past 23 years they’ve been celebrating it.

This is the best way to honor the service of some of their most loyal workers at ACTS who save them time, resources, and expenses in an enormous way. Last year, ACTS  volunteers worked nearly 30,000 hours helping feed, clothe, educate, and listen to families and individuals in crisis.  According to the United States Department of Labor, this amounts to (at minimum) over $217,500! It’s fitting that the theme their committee picked was “Superheroes”  because their  volunteers are superheroes and an inspiration for them!

I felt honored to be invited to photograph their event and their Superheroes. ACTS helped me in the past and this was my way to give back for all their  past help to my family. Being a volunteer can be a enriching experience for every person, especially when  you get to help families in crisis like ACTS does.

If you want to join them in this journey contact them though their website and check the different opportunities for volunteering and fill up the volunteer application  at  https://www.actspwc.org/volunteer  or email their volunteers coordinator Jane at janderson@actspwc.us

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